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January 27th, 2009

Playing House

So, um…yeah. This happens pretty routinely. And by “this”, I mean of course the debate between a black guy and a white guy over who gets to be the black guy. Let’s face it: we’ve all dreamt about being Omar Epps at some point. I dare you to say you haven’t.

I apologize if you’re not familiar with the show House, and I hope that you find a stranger kind enough to give you a television. Anyways, the basic idea of the show is that there are these diseases, see, and they crazy, man. They crazy. So crazy, in fact, that normal doctors (who have devoted their entire lives to researching and diagnosing illnesses) are stumped regarding what the diseases are. So they bring in an unhinged jerk of questionable credence to help, and he spends an hour mocking everyone and being as unhelpful as possible. Every time one of his underlings suggests something, he ridicules them and tells them that their suggestion is dumber than paste; yet, he rarely diagnoses the illness right up front, preferring instead to wait until the patient is almost dead to prescribe something stupid, like “aspirin” or “cake”. This is presumably because Dr. House is actually a hobo who murdered a guy wearing a tweed jacket, and everyone just kinda ran with it.

So in essence, House is a show about the most incompetent doctors on the planet and their harrowing adventures through the world of made-up ailments from other worlds. I can’t wait for next season, when they start introducing stuff like Scarlet Iago and Netherworld Fever.

Oh yeah, and there’s an Australian dude in their at some point. Talk about unrealistic!

- Chris

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8 Responses to “Playing House”

  1. Shawn Says:

    You forgot the mention the notable lack of any nursing staff.

  2. okkevin Says:

    I really wish you were making up the part about House curing things with cake.
    I still can’t believe one episodes the solution to the mystery ailment was cake.

  3. Adam Says:

    Was it a magical cake, perhaps the one I quested so hard for in Portal? I don’t know, I never saw the appeal in House, myself.

  4. Adam Says:

    Oh yeah, grammar nazi, I believe you meant “there.”

  5. BobGrant! Says:

    i want you to know, guys, that your witty commentary (see: hobo in a tweed jacket) freaking kills me.
    You are why we have nice things.

  6. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:

    Is he laying on a fooseball table? Is that uncomfortable? Is that what he normally sleeps on? Is it an air hockey table? Air Hockey isnt green, its blue and in the home versions, the puck stops dead in corners and some other random spot in the middle which is almost impossible to reach. Also, what is on his foot?

  7. Burt Says:

    This strip is prophetic.

    I actually got and am really sick right now.

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