Minor Complications

July 7th, 2009

You may notice that at the time of this post there is no comic. That’s because — and I kid you not — Kevin and I spent an entire evening capturing bats. You can probably imagine the strain that put on drawing a comic, though we were both relieved that none of the bats turned into Dracula.

Anyways, we’re both powering through sleep deprivation and creepy dreams to bring you guys a comic today, so stay tuned!

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7 Responses to “Minor Complications”

  1. stevebob Says:

    umm i think that this story needs more explanation, were the bats a threat to you, is it some type of pagan rite, or were u merely hungry?

  2. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:


  3. becci Says:

    excuses will not be tolerated!

  4. benxpx Says:

    Today is July 10th. I’m just saying.

  5. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:

    Fine, don’t put my comment up. Becci put the same thing up on http://ominousknife.com/2009/06/02/late-strip-60209/ though…

  6. becci Says:

    you’ve had a whole extra week. why is there still no comic? how else am i supposed to waste my tuesday morning kevin?

  7. jurei Says:

    minor has turned to major complications

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