July 21st, 2009

And Thus the Saga Continues

Confused? Jump to the beginning of this story.

And we’re back in the house like antique furniture!

Sorry about the hiatus. After Kevin and I finished our Freaky Friday impression we retreated back to his place for a week of solitude and quiet reflecting. We quickly realized was impossible since we were, y’know, around each other. But I digress.

I’ve already told you all about our foray with the bats, but indulge me as I recount the progression of events: we found a bat in Kevin’s kitchen, so we caught and released it. A couple hours later we found another bat and did the same thing. I don’t know how familiar you guys are with bats, but encountering one in your house is akin to finding a koala in your garbage can. You’re shocked and scared at first, but then you realize what a gentle little creature it is. Then you take a closer look at it:



And suddenly you remember that class you had in seventh grade, where they taught you all about rabies. That thing might have rabies. RABIES, MAN! So instead of allowing it to regail you with all its woodland stories, you throw the thing out the window.

The exact same thing happened the very next day, only this time it was just me and it was too early (late?) for me to be wearing pants, so I guess that made it level 2 of Bat Crusade, the game which we were unwittingly and involuntarily playing. Luckily I didn’t make it to level 3, because that would’ve involved me in the shower with a swarm of bats nipping at my no-no parts. Or is it a flock of bats? Clique? Cadre? I don’t really know the technical name for a congregation of bats.

CONGREGATION! Yeah, that’s what would’ve been biting my Oscar Wildes. But again I digress.

After much toil and strife (and many bats flung out the window), above this post lies the continuation of the Bahama Baby saga. I hope you all enjoy it, as well as the terrifying things we go through. I bet Tycho and Gabe never have to fight bats.

- Chris

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33 Responses to “And Thus the Saga Continues”

  1. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:

    The last panel was worth the wait.

  2. OKChris Says:

    Kevin, that last panel is LEGENDARY. I think that should be a wallpaper/t-shirt.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I believe a group of bats are called a colony. Sort of gives me an unpleasant alternate image of the 13 colonies.

  4. AxelDemon Says:


    So many yo momma jokes come to mind.

  5. Joshua I Says:

    I can’t believe the guy in the third panel wearing a tie with that Hawaiian shirt… Or the fact that he is wearing that shirt at all. I am a much bigger fan of Formal Fridays… Seeing people in tuxes and gowns who never leave their cubes except to be fired or for their 15 minutes of fresh air… It is awesome.

  6. Burt Says:

    GAGGLE! It’s gaggle of bats!!!

  7. Evan Says:

    Aaaaaaaand here come the nightmares.

  8. D.J. Says:

    I think it is time for some Ominous shirts…. I think bahama baby, thedar, and the panel during the dodgeball strip should be shirts!

  9. D.J. Says:

    and of course, the de-bug zombie

  10. jurei Says:

    no way! panda spider shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hope Says:

    Your entire Morocco fan base both thoroughly enjoyed this strip. Glad to see you’re updating again!

  12. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:

    Unfortunately, a group of bats is simply called a Colony. In other news though, other things have an amazing set of names for their groups, such as:

    A Thought of Barons
    A Knot of Toads
    A Raffle of Turkeys
    A Decent of Woodpeckers
    A Conspiracy of Ravens
    A Company of Parrots
    A Smack of Jellyfish
    A Murder of Crows
    A Dopping of Ducks
    A Kettle of Hawks
    a Congregation of Plovers

  13. Kick Ass Ronto Says:

    My vote is for panda spider and Hoboken 2012 t-shirts

  14. Kick Ass Ronto Says:

    Sorry. I ment: “2020 In Hoboken!” should be on a t-shirt.

  15. OKChris Says:

    Hold on, we have TWO fans in Morocco? BOOM SHAKA-LAKA! Gettin’ global up in this piece!

  16. Josiah Says:

    Ah, the character of two words nothing is quite the same.

  17. Burt Says:

    Where is this week’s comic?

  18. Hope Says:

    OKChris, one member of your NJ fan base temporarily relocated to Morocco and is currently in the home of the Ominous Knife Superfan.

    Side note: No joke, the other night we found a bat in Superfan’s bedroom. I have the sneaking suspicion she put it there to be like you guys.

  19. Kelly Says:

    Like Hope said. We enjoyed the panel. But the bat story was epic too. Because a few nights ago, Hope went into my room to go check on the kittens, who were hiding under the bed, and then… she saw a bat. So I yelled and my dad came to kill it. Only he couldn’t find it. So we ruled Hope out as infected by Kelly-crazyness and seeing things like big moth-shadows. But then I went in my room later. AND IT WAS FLYING AROUND.

    They’re so ugly. But ours was really, really tiny! Like…fit-in-a-matchbox tiny!

  20. That Bob Grant Says:

    actually, it’s a Thedar of Bats.

    true story.

  21. Burt Says:


  22. The Fighting Lexicographer Says:

    I can’t wait any longer. If i hang any looser, I’m going to stop breathing.

  23. Burt Says:

    That’s quite a loose hanging.

  24. Burt Says:

    It’s reached the point where every time I check the site I feel like the baby in the last panel is mocking me.

  25. Hope Says:


  26. Eric Dorville Says:

    i want ominous knife please

  27. OMINOUS fan Says:

    Hey guys,the ” Next ” button has been broken since july 21st…..FIX IT!
    Oh, and If this comic was my life support i would’ve died by now.
    OMINOUS fan

  28. Burt Says:

    You are in my living room instead of updating this comic.

  29. Josh Landis Says:

    Is there going to be an update before the new year? I miss this comic

  30. OMINOUS fan Says:

    Still haven’t fixed the next button.

    So is this an official hiatus or something?

    And OkChris’ japanese never got a shout out of any kind.

  31. Kick Ass Ronto Says:

    July 21st 2009……..A day that will live in infamy. A little part of my world died.

  32. Burt Says:


  33. Burt Says:

    Maybe you should spend less time playing pinball…or being in Korea, and more time updating.

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